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Not only do I blog about blogging, I also blog about this very blog! So meta!

Does anyone out there know anything about Pinterest?

I’ve recently seen it show up in my referrer logs, and it turns out a bunch of people I don’t know have “pinned” a bunch of photos from my blog. I feel like this site came out of nowhere.

pinterest justinsomnia screenshot
Screenshot of pinned images from my blog

You can imagine my surprise when I discovered my sister-in-law browsing Pinterest over the holidays with her new Android-based Toshiba Thrive tablet! When did everyone get so high-tech?

I’m famous! (on a TSA sign at Orlando International Airport)

Someone brought this accidental QR Code usage to my attention last August, but thanks to Fred Trotter, O’Reilly Radar’s open source health blogger, who happened to be flying through Orlando recently, I now have photographic proof!

tsa hola ninos poster justinsomnia qr code
The TSA’s “Hola Niños!” sign at MCO, showing off my QR Code

In his post, The Transportation Security Administration’s QR Code flub, Fred speculates on the ease with which published QR Codes could be hijacked with stickers—and wonders if that was the case here. Think how trivial it would be for an “Anonymous” band of individuals to surreptitiously sticker over TSA QR Codes with ones that link to Bruce Schneier articles. This is the stuff of cyberpunk fiction!

Unfortunately the truth in this case is far more benign. My QR Code was accidentally used as a stand-in by whomever designed the poster, and was never checked before it went to press—not to mention anytime in the four months since it’s been on display.

Wait. Why does that QR Code go to

December Cookie Traffic

I love December, and not just because of my birthday or the holidays—because it’s when people start baking lots of cookies. And inevitably, someone searches Google for a certain long-lost cookie recipe and stumbles upon my Melt-in-the-Mouth history (or my original post about the recipe that inspired it).

melt in the mouth cookie traffic
Blue is the Melt-in-the-Mouth recipe, red is the history

And the best part is that occasionally they’re so floored to have found the recipe (usually after missing it for several years), they leave a comment to express their heartfelt thanks. Here’s a taste.

From Marlene:

Justin I too had the recipe 25 yrs ago. THANK you for posting this!! My Son still remembers when I made them. Now we can share these with his children!!

From Gina:

My mother has had this recipe for years, since I was a little kid, and I’m 40 now. We used to make them every Thanksgiving and Christmas. But we lost it a few years ago and I’ve been looking for it ever since. I can’t believe I finally found it!!! Thank you!!!!

From Melissa:

I’m just another grown kid searching for childhood cookies! I imagine my mama found this recipe in Woman’s Day like your grandmother did. No one else I knew ever made them, but we loved them. I have my mama’s handwritten recipe but they never come out like hers. I will compare notes tonight and see if she left out any “special” instructions. I look forward to sharing these with my grandkids this Christmas! Thanks for your diligence!

You are welcome, all. Please, help yourself to a cookie:

A plate of Melt-in-the-Mouth Cookies
A plate of Melt-in-the-Mouth cookies

I’m famous! (on a virtual supermarket website in Chile)

Back in July, Andy Baio posted a link about these virtual South Korean grocery stores where people can shop by scanning QR Codes next to photos of the items (while waiting for the subway).

tesco subway store
Tesco’s virtual grocery store in South Korea

Well, apparently they’re also making a splash in Chile. I just hope they stock up on lots of tasty Justinsomnia!

jumbo mobile supermercado justinsomnia qr code
Screenshot of Jumbo Mobile in Chile showing off my QR Code

Wait. Why does that QR Code go to

No Justinsomnia in Ghana

I got an email from Terrie in Ghana the other day who told me my blog was being blocked by MTN, a mobile telecom provider in many countries across Africa and the Middle East. But get this. The stated reason why my blog is blocked: because my site falls under the “child abuse content” category. Yikes!

MTN: content filtering access denied screenshot

How did I get on that list? And what other lists am I on? I mean, I might have posted the occasional NSFW photo in the past (L’Origine du monde and Christy Turlington come to mind), but “child abuse”? And the real kicker is, I’ve been to Ghana! Back in 2004, I spent two weeks working in Accra and had the opportunity to visit Kakum National Park and Elmina Castle.

Ghana tro tro observers are worried
Ghanaian “tro-tro” with an apt slogan

Anyway, I sent an email to MTN Ghana’s customer care department. I’ll be curious to see if I get a response.