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I’m famous! (in Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan)

It’s been a long time since I posted one of these, but a few weeks ago I received a comment on the aforelinked post that read:

…just saw your qr code on episode 1 of Amazon Prime’s Jack Ryan. It was on the back of Greer’s CIA ID pass. Still got it J!! —Baddie

At the time I was in the middle of a Wilderness First Responder course (more on that later), so I didn’t have the mental space to actually watch the episode, but thanks to Stephanie’s Prime Student account, I “fast-forwarded” through it on mute until I got to the scene where James Greer’s ID badge flips over as he berates Jack Ryan—around minute 26:35. (Note: I still haven’t watched the episode, so I don’t know what was really going on.) The only problem is that given my laptop’s resolution and/or the video quality that Amazon Prime Video sends to laptops, I wasn’t able to verify the QR Code as mine (despite my best efforts to enhance it).

Screenshot from episode 1 of Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan, showing QR Code on James Greer's badge
Hmm, is that my QR Code? Not sure.

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The Great Purge

Consider this a sort of transparency report. As I mentioned in my recent Responsive Redesign post:

Though I’ve long been a staunch proponent of not self-censoring old content, I may start “unpublishing” some old posts that I feel have little or no redeeming value, besides being cringe-worthy indicators of where I was at the time.

This was a massive undertaking, that involved twice going through each and every one of the 2,088 posts I’ve published over the last 13 years (many of which I reread) and asking myself, Is this something I’m proud of? In the end, I answered No to 277 posts. The vast majority were culled from my early years of blogging. It’s hard to categorize the subject matter which most often fell under the knife, except to say that many of my old political or complainy rants had not aged well.

Graph of blog post words unpublished by year
Word Count by Year (Spared vs. Censored)

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Responsive Redesign

I have finally abandoned the 380px-wide column that I chose arbitrarily for my first attempt at a blog design in 2002. That relatively narrow column became fixed when I began embedding photos in my posts, all scaled down to 380px-wide, shortly thereafter. To overcome this limitation, in 2009 I added the ability to enlarge photos using a Lightbox plugin. This meant that I had to manually generate a 380px-wide version and an 800px-wide version of every photo in a post, linking the former to the latter. I attempted a responsive redesign at the end of 2012, but it was really just a hack job. I got things into a place where they sort of worked, but stopped short because I had a new job to focus on. Finally in 2013, I abandoned the 380px-wide “thumbnails” altogether, and just started posting the 800px-wide versions—bandwidth be damned!—allowing the browser to scale the image down to my then-still, 380px-wide column. The benefit being that the newer high pixel density screens in smartphones and tablets showed much crisper images than they had previously.

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I’m famous! (in a Google patent application)

Of all the crazy places my QR Code has shown up, now a Google patent application, US 2012/0158919 A1, page 3:

Google published patent application, US 2012/0158919 A1

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I’m famous! (on Chile’s new national identity cards)

Someone just let me know that samples of Chile’s new national identity cards, known locally as cédula de identidad (or documento nacional de identidad, DNI), feature a QR Code linking to This is not the first time that Chile has taken a liking to my QR Code. ¡Hola chilenos curiosos!

Nueva cédula de identidad de Chile
Infographic for Chile’s new national identity cards (Source:

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