from tokyo: saturday 17:37

agh! 13 hours on an airplane and i am in japan! it is saturday here already! i am really worn out. i need a suitcase with wheels. almost bought one for $475 in detroit. as i was dozing on the flight to tokyo, i realized i had almost no memory of the flight from RDU to detroit–chalk it up to not much sleep last night. detroit is a nice airport, has a red elevated train running inside the terminal, and seems to be a big hub for people flying to asia (maybe cause of the japan/detroit car connection?).

so i flew here on a 747-400, which is a really big airplane. it has business class on the second story of the plane where spoiled justin was seated. and they just wouldn’t stop feeding us. of course food doesn’t really digest properly when you spend a whole day on a plane. so i feel pretty gross.

too bad i don’t have a chance to check out tokyo. supposed to be a pretty fly place. and there are american’s crawling all over the place! what’s up with that? i barely feel like i flew all the way across canada and alaska to get here.

what’s next? well, besides chilling in tokyo-narita international airport, waiting for time to pass, i’ll eventually be catching a 7 hour flight to bangkok, arriving around midnight. technically this will just be a continuation of my friday, though when i finally wake up in bangkok it will be sunday. but, if i plan things right, and manage to get to sleep, i should be able to explore bangkok before my 2pm flight to phnom penh. (oh, to be a world traveler)

Update: see First trip to Phnom Penh, Cambodia for photos

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