from phnom penh: monday 19:12

i am in cambodia. imagine a city with a gazillion people all riding around on these moped/motorcycle things (called moto-dups), imagine being able to pay for everything in dollars and when you get change back, anything less than a dollar you get in the local currency (riel)…cause it’s not worth very much.

this city is alive. everyone is doing something, selling something, cooking something all along every road. i don’t even know if i’ll be able to take any pictures that appropriately capture the feel. picture roosters walking along the side of the road, an occasional monkey, people everywhere on bikes, moto-dups, rickshaws. it’s like urban without the sterile. everything is dusty, it’s hot and humid.

oh, my brain is shutting down. been awake since 4:30am (courtesy of jetlag) and at work from 8-5pm. time to find some food get some sleep. more later.

Update: see First trip to Phnom Penh, Cambodia for photos

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