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fried omega

hey! was just wondering. do you have any connection to MeeGo?

its just that they where showing an 2D barcode (those square looking barcodes that you can scan with your smartphone) with an url that directed me to your site

saw it on engadget and a youtube video named MeeGo 1.0 on Many Devices and Screen Sizes.

btw good luck with your blog :)

Nope, I’m not connected to MeeGo, but if you do a Google Images Search for qr code, the image in this post (pointing to my blog) is one of the top results, which is probably how they found the image. Funny.

I’ll have to check out the video.

Now that I think about it, it would have been much more recursively funny if the QR Code I’d generated pointed directly to this post.

fried omega, thanks again for the heads up. it’s pretty wild that you caught that. I just posted about it here: I’m famous! (in a random MeeGo demo).

J. O.

Hello, you knew from this site using your material? was asked the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License. to use the shirt


J.O., thanks for the heads up. That’s pretty crazy. As you can see in I’m famous! (in a random MeeGo demo), it’s not the first time that’s happened. It’s a really strange thing to do, since it links back to my site! Why didn’t they just create a QR Code for their own domain?

I wrote up a blog post about this with screenshots here: I’m famous! (on a Brazilian futebol site)


I have twice created a free qr code using qrstuff.com generator, (link to my vcard format information). It works when I scan it right after creating it, but several days later when I scan it, it always redirects me to your website? I was trying to have business cards printed, and just tested the qr image on the proof (thank goodness) and it goes to your site again? Any idea why?

I just wrote a blog post for anyone who has found themselves asking, Why does that QR Code take me to justinsomnia.org?

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