Updating WordPress from Bali

WordPress logoJust happened to notice the WordPress 3.0.4 security vulnerability update in my feedreader this afternoon. Was even more alarmed to see the following post from Dreamhost: WordPress hack cropping up on some customer sites. Eeek!

On the plus side, our new bungalow in Amed has wireless internet at 40,000 rupiah/hour, on the downside, they block port 22—a first in all of my travels! So I couldn’t SSH into my webhost and update Justinsomnia or La Vie Soleil via Subversion. Angst!

So what to do?

We paid someone at the hotel 35,000 rupiah to rent their scooter (something we are CONSTANTLY being offered, but hadn’t yet undertaken), and we scooted a few kilometers down the coast (not wearing helmets) to the Double One Restaurant I’d walked by earlier in the day (it was a long walk), where I recalled seeing a free wifi sign (a rare sight around Amed), on the assumption that they were not blocking port 22 (I mean, really, who does that?).

When we arrived, I sat down at the table, opened up my laptop, entered the wifi password, SSHed into my webhost, and updated our blogs with a simple:

svn sw http://svn.automattic.com/wordpress/tags/3.0.4

Stephanie took a photo.

Justin updating WordPress from the Double One Restaurant in Amed, Bali
Just another day in paradise



So I just checked in on your blog for the first time in ages and was like, holy cow! (hey wait, there was a holy cow, actually)- where is Justin now?! Hope you are enjoying your travels.

Holy cow indeed! Yep, we’ve been in Bali for the last three weeks, and in a few days we fly to the Philippines…

What a classy post! Upgrading WP next to a beautiful beach

Hey! You got tweeted by Matt Mullenweg.

Hope you’re having a great time! It looks like I might be in San Fran in March, too bad you guys will still be traipsing around the globe. :-)

Jason, nice catch! I had passed along the link to him as I thought he might have found it amusing… Yep, not sure where we’ll be in March, but chances are we won’t be back in SF by then :(


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