hello from bangkok

last night (which corresponds roughly to the middle of the day in chapel hill) i slept in a bed in a hotel in bangkok. it’s hot and muggy here, though I really haven’t been outside, except for that brief moment coming out of the plane and that brief moment getting in and out of the taxi. but i do have a gloriously hazy view of the city from my window on the 26th floor.

Bangkok skyline

time to check out and fly to cambodia.



I happen to have almost identical pictures i took when i was there 6 months ago also , and yup it was such hazy day too. Have a good one.

John D

Hi Justin – I was just looking for a photo of Bangkok on the web and I found yours. Can you give me permission to use it in a lame amateur video I’m making for the Socceroos Asian Cup expedition. I will credit your website. Let me know – many thanks.


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