Restoring the reverse chronology

Hey hardcore Justinsomnia readers! Yeah, you! The folks who’ve actually got in your bookmarks. The folks who still periodically check my homepage for updates instead of subscribing to the feed. (I remember those days!)

I’ve just added a new feature with you specifically in mind.

At the bottom of the homepage, there’s now a handy little “Continue reading…” box. In the box is a link pointing to the left that says “« Older Posts”. If you click it, you’ll move back in time, by 8 posts.

This is handy if you haven’t checked my blog in a while and want to see what I’ve been up to recently—more than the 8 posts that appear on the homepage. Of course as you move beyond the homepage, a “Newer Posts »” link will appear, so you can navigate forward in time. It’s fun, try it!

Here’s a screenshot:
Continue reading screenshot

Happy Holidays from the fine folks at Justinsomnia. AKA me.


Interesting you used “previous” and “next” for permalink navigation — why not “older” and “newer”?

Older and newer make sense, but given the context of a single post, “Previous Post” is more meaningful to me than “Older Post”.

I guess “Older” is ambiguous in that it could mean any older post, whereas “Previous” creates a specific relationship with the current entry. In other words, by clicking this link, you’re going to the the post that is previous to this one. Many posts are older or newer, but only one is previous or next.

That said, I do you like your combination of Older/Newer + post title. And I admit I’m really on the fence about displaying the post title as the link.

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