Stephanie is famous on the YouTubes

It’s not every day that I’m watching a random mock biography about a faux-German with a hit French pop song, and all of a sudden Stephanie shoots across the screen on a scooter. For reals.

Stephanie on my scooter appearing in the illustrated biography for Helmut Fritz

The best part is, Stephanie didn’t even recognize herself (at first). As this blurry little figure on a black scooter zipped across the screen, somehow a lone neuron fired deep within my brain, and I said, “Do you know who that was?” She was like “No…”

“That was you.”

And if you thought that was weird, the photo I took of her is also featured on his official website, advertising a contest. Sort of ironic, considering that Helmut Fritz is represented by Sony Music, don’t you think?

Update, 14-Jan-2010: Good news. After getting in touch with some people at Sony Music France, we were able to resolve the matter to our satisfaction.


Dude, you should absolutely nail them to the wall. I’m not joking. Get thee to a lawyer NOW. Do not pass go, and collect way more than $200.

Called Sony Music Headquarters in NYC and left a message with their copyright department. Emailed the EFF. And, *gag* Twittered it.

Just heard back from a lawyer at Sony Music. Sent him the details. He’ll contact Sony France on Monday. We’ll see what happens.

You should totally sue their ass!

Dan, I’ve learned it’s better to make a best effort attempt to reach out first, and then bring in the bigger guns as necessary. So far I’ve been pleased by their responsiveness. We’ll see what I hear back next week.

What you need to do in my experience is get the media on it. Once the Washington Post paid notice to my story suddenly Fox was all apologetic and offering to pony up cash. Stupid Fox.

Good luck though, I’ll be checking back to see what happens!

So what’s the context of the original image? Where did you use the picture, and where do you think that it was taken from?

All the deets are on Stephanie’s post, Ça m’énerve!

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