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I recently updated Justinsomnia’s category archives to look more like the homepage, complete with links at the bottom so you can page backward and forward in time. This means that if you’re behind on your Justinsomnia reading and would like to catch up, but only want to focus on my food posts, you can now browse through them to your heart’s content, blissfully unaware of my tech posts (and vice versa).

What’s more, I’ve connected my home-grown analytics tool with the category archive pages to generate a list of popular posts per category. So if you’ve just stumbled upon Justinsomnia for the first time and happen to be keenly interested in my posts on photography, you can now get a quick sense of which posts are the most popular in that category.

Also new, in the right sidebar on every page (above the monthchunks), I’ve added a box called “subjectslices” that links to all of my categories in five groups: fun, arts, personal, meta, and legacy. So now there’s a quick way to return to a given category, regardless of what page you happen to be on. Enjoy.

Screenshot of the Justinsomnia category archive

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