the year in blog posts

my favorite blog posts from each month during the past year.

january: where in the world is carmen sandiego?
one of the few memes i’ve participated in, and after traveling to killington in march, i can add vermont (and new hampshire) to the map

february: my milkshake brings all the boys to the yard
a weird mashup created in post-dance-party haze

march: on covenant: point, counter point
my response to patrick’s comment on defining marriage, sparking a flurry of responses

april: a kiln opening howto
explains what a mark hewitt kiln opening is like for those of us who make waking at 5am part of the ritual

may: hell yeah i graduated
dad’s excellent shot of me mid-stride on the way to the sils graduation ceremony–the culmination of 19 straight years of formal education

june: a politcal coming of age
musing on my response to the events of sept 11, after seeing fahrenheit 9/11 on opening day

july: breakfast of champions
recipes make excellent fodder for blog posts–more people should blog their recipes

august: so i built a server
the beginning of a project that now hosts this blog and the editplus wiki

september: on future careers
pondering what to do next, realizing it might be quite different from what i have been doing and that i might be pondering for a while

october: file this under “things not to do at 70mph”
a picture so amazing i can’t imagine i took it

november: new code
one metric of the work i did while in ghana

december: searching for strong’s
musing on what makes the perfect space for laptops, friends, and familiar strangers

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