so i built a server




$470 + $30 shipping (3 day select)


nolan suggested debian. the feeling i got from debian was that it would be hard. i felt the pull of redhat. but i was unfamiliar with all the fedora core stuff. and i didn’t want a froo-froo end user system. i wanted to build a server. so i read through the installation document to refresh my memory and decided to go for it.


last wednesday i ordered the parts. monday they arrived and later that night jane and i roughly assembled them. i discovered later that i had to replace a heat sink under the cdrom drive in order to get the case back together. last night i popped in the debian cd (woody-i386-1.iso) i had burned and let it rip. the installation went smoother than i expected. took about an hour, then i got apache, mysql, and php installed and fiddled with the hardware to get the case together properly. which took a few more hours.

a look inside a VIA EPIA system
under the hood
a look at a VIA EPIA system
finished product

update: as of 8/26/04, the IP address is
update: as of 2/1/05, the IP address is

update: the domain name now points to the IP address above. is now hosted at DreamHost.



I’m impressed, especially with “jane and i roughly assembled them”. Is the librarian in her being perverted to info sci?


go jwatt go.


Methinks you have quite the antiquated view of librarianship, Bri.

It was. I’m not been using it any longer though.

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