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over the last two weeks i wrote 904 lines of new code for the PIMS (not counting blank lines). actually most of the coding occurred during thursday and friday of last week and monday and tuesday of this–bringing the daily average to 226.

in microsoft word that’s the equivalent of a 17 page paper (after replacing all the paragraph marks with spaces and double spacing the whole thing). like many papers, it doesn’t make for much of an interesting read:

Option Compare Database Option Explicit Dim int_indicator_id As Integer Dim is_form_dirty As Boolean Private Sub Form_Load() Call reset_form DoCmd.Maximize End Sub ' public so that f_settings can call it Public Sub reset_form() Call preload_lists(Me.Controls) Call select_first(Me.lst_indicator_id) Call lst_indicator_id_AfterUpdate End Sub Private Sub lst_indicator_id_AfterUpdate() int_indicator_id = Me.lst_indicator_id Call retrieve End Sub

of course i did more than just hack out vba. i redesigned the backend database to make the system more flexible. i completely revamped the user interface to include totally new data analysis and indicator configuration functionality. i sat in on many meetings about health indicators, offering my common sense and experience whenever appropriate. i started the process of getting usaid/washington’s approval for this and all future PIMSs. and i wrote 4 new pages of documentation.

after all that, my favorite interface is the new About dialog:

about the PIMS



Not much to say except I’m impressed. I know this is the “frosting on the cake”, but the About screen looks really really professional. So when are you going to release it as a product and earn scads of money off it. From the About it looks like it’s ready to go. Nice work!


Could it be your favorite because your name appears? ;o) Just teasing. Proud of my traveling friend, as usual. I’m going to downtown Chicago today, want anything?

Impressive … but the more you show off your programming skill, the more confused I get about why you studied library science. Is there a connection I’m missing?

anton: actually information science. but lately i’ve been wanting to do more in the area of journalism.


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