breakfast of champions

on saturday or sunday mornings, depending on what i have in the kitchen, jane and I have perfected what we’ve likened to calling ‘the breakfast of champions’. this meal is especially appropriate if you’ve been–ahem–enjoying a few drinks with friends the night before.

the idea that potatoes can be cooked quickly and easily has been a revelation to me. start by frying up some bacon, oscar meyer thick cut is amazing. remove to paper towels.

put some of the rendered bacon fat into a saucepan on medium-high and add half a chopped yellow onion. dispose of the excess oil and set the skillet aside, but don’t wipe clean.

cut up two smallish yukon golds or red potatoes into 1/4 inch cubes, add to the pot with the onions, and cover, stirring occasionally.

chop up a tomato and set aside. once the potatoes have been really cooking for about 5 minutes, beat three or four eggs, put some toast or english muffins in the toaster, and start heating up the skillet the bacon was cooked in.

when the skillet is hot, add the eggs, grind in some black pepper and salt, and scramble. the little bits left behind by the bacon give the eggs a nice rustic look, along with a lovely flavor.

when the eggs have solidified enough to stay in one half of the skillet, i add the tomato to the other side, along with a sprinkle of salt. i don’t mix them together, but i also don’t mind if the juice of the tomatoes mingles with the eggs.

add salt and pepper to the potatoes. a little herbes de provence is also nice or cayenne pepper.

plate the muffin, bacon, eggs, tomato, and potatoes. serve with juice. eat on the front steps if it’s not too hot outside yet.



have you ever read “Breakfast of Champions”? well i have and the only spot that it says breakfast of champions is when a wiatress brings a martini to your table and she she “breakfast of champion.” the book is an interesting read, if you ever get a chance to read it.

that sounds delicious! i can’t wait for sunday morning, unless it’s just a jane and justin thing:) i hope all is going well. i look forward to visiting the campus, your office, with jane, and do all the fun stuff in your area, since i really didn’t get much of a chance the last time i was there. talk to you soon.


mmm… fried potatoes


Sounds tasty to me… Yum!


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