where in the world is carmen sandiego?

ok, rarely do i do these things, but i thought this was neat. select the states you’ve visited, get a map with those states in red. i’m a sucker for information visualizations. plus i was curious to “see” where i’ve been.

States I've visited


as far as i’m concerned, driving through and flying or laying over in states does not count. i’m expecting a comment from one of the parental units re: some obvious state i forgot.


that site is fun! here’s mine. the next state i want to visit would either be maine or hawaii…

el jefe

ditto on that… I’ve got you both beat… although I may be cheating with the states I’ve just driven through

i love this! i did countries instead

Justin, great tool. This is a great one for my students in J50 to use when they create their first websites later this semester.

See the map on my personal page for another cool tool for mapping your travels.


It’s not fair that those of us who’ve not been to the big states look like we’ve hardly been anywhere at all!
I get Cali, but only because I spent a week in San Francisco when I was 15!
You people who just look like savvy travellers can kiss my black ass.

word to the wise. jane’s ass is actually black.


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