my all time favorite christmas movies

it’s a wonderful life is not only my favorite christmas time movie, it’s also one of my favorite movies, period. it was on tv tonight, and i got so into it, and so choked up at the end. i think it also stands out as one of the few black and white movies i really love. maybe there are others?

yesterday we watched the original miracle on 34th street (colorized) and a christmas story when 34th street went to commercials. i noticed i was paying attention to all these interesting cultural habits frozen in 34th street, the way the men dressed or held their hands, mr gailey smoking in bed right after brushing his teeth, the interaction between the cigar chewing political strategist and the judge. my favorite phrase from the movie is when doris gets all upset at mr gailey for going on an “idealistic binge” after quitting his job.

white christmas is also a family favorite, but we’ve only got a vhs copy and the vcr here is broken. it’s funny, we own all of these movies, but instead we end up watching them when they come on tv, commercials and all (which i try to mute if the remote’s near).

Christmas 2004 family photo
Matthew, Justin, Katie, Brian, and Kathy posing in front of the Christmas tree



wow. i know how much commercials usually capture your attention. i figured you’d be paying more attention to those than to the movies!

don’t worry, i’ve been doing my fair share of watching commercials


Nice smiley lookin’ bunch!



nope… try google.

andrew watt

i have live in scotland for many years, and i wounderd if we were related. it would be nice to know if we are related. regards Andy

Andy, I tried to send you email, but the address you left bounced back. I basically said:

My grandfather’s family came to Canada from Glasgow in the 1920s when he was a young boy. They eventually settled in Buffalo, NY. I know I have a few relatives in Scotland, but I’m not sure of their names or where they currently live. My dad would probably know.


What about “Mixed Nuts”? Hilarious. and Home for the Holidays w/ Holly Hunter and Robert Downey Jr?

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