on future careers

at the hypertext conference i heard dan gillmor talk about his experience of journalism, and something at that moment resonated with me. there are things that a journalist does (communicating, writing, explaining) that i would like to be doing more of in the future.

i just happened upon meg h. blogging about switching careers from technology to cooking which is similar to a fantasy i have about culinary school.

at work we’re going to be unveiling a new website look and feel, and for some reason it was never demoed to me and i haven’t been asked if i’d like to give it a critique. the confidence i have in my ability to do so makes me think about all the unique and special skills that i (as well as others) have which tend to fall outside our primary work responsibilities. and thus go under-utilized.

a few weeks ago i was poking around rebecky’s design work and projects. her stuff makes me wish i was doing more to develop my graphic design skills. i would love to spend time studying fonts and typography. i would love to be doing more with digital photography.

my relationship with my former graduate school (and university) falls somewhere between playful and adversarial. after participating in a scholarly communications panel at the library and seeing doc searls give his talk on campus, it occurred to me that i might eventually like to pursue some sort of slow phd.

this past summer i emailed the assistant dean at SILS to let him know i’d love to teach one of the intro database classes at sils. i’ve poked around durham tech and wake tech, but haven’t pursued anything seriously yet.


i’ve been thinking a lot about this as well lately. i had just assumed i would be working after i graduated from sils (yay, job searching, my favorite) and then out of left field a professor asks if i would be interested in grad school. i huess i had though about it some, but not seriously. the idea that continuing for a phd (and not neccesarily in info sci) is a real possibility forced me to think more about what i want to do next…

haha. dude, but you’re already in grad school!

yeah, at this point i could only envision myself participating in further education/research if some totally wonderful amazing prof/researcher tapped me on the shoulder and said like i’d be the best person to work with them on this slow, long-term independent, dissertation-worthy grant project. it might happen. i’m not holding my breath.


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