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Limited Range of Motion

Before the surgery to fix my fractured olecranon (translation: broken elbow), I was told that the number one complication would be “limited range of motion”. Of course I had no real appreciation for what that meant until the splint came off yesterday. So I thought it’d be fun to record my progress to track how the range of motion in my elbow evolves.

Episode 1 (two weeks after fracture)

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What a drone sounds like

Heard some unfamiliar sounds outside tonight, so I went to check it out and discovered a drone buzzing up and down our little street. Is this how the future is going to sound?

Song of the cigale

The sound of summer in the south of France:

Or if you just want the audio:

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“Sort Sol” in San Francisco at Sunset

On my walk home tonight I saw these birds flying around in formations that resembled the Danish sort sol, or “black sun”. I felt compelled to pull out my camera and snap a few stills. As it happens, my 21mm lens broke last weekend, so instead I had my 35mm with me, which turned out to be the perfect focal length, capturing the whole flock without feeling too wide or too tight.

sort sol in san francisco at sunset

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All Creative Work Is Derivative

I love this video by Nina Paley (of Sita Sings the Blues fame).