Moving mural on Pine Street

Route 66 moving truck on Pine Street

Park at 90 Degrees with pride!

Here’s a t-shirt just for you, San Francisco. Inspired by our own “Park at 90 Degrees” signs. I love this shirt

I’m famous! (on a Brazilian futebol site)

Can you guess where? Look closer… Closer still… Yup, another website has used my QR Code in a product demo (previously: I’m famous in a random MeeGo demo). Just goes to show that the fidelity of a QR code holds…

Sailing around the Bay

The novelty of taking a boat under the Golden Gate Bridge has always appealed to me, but I’ve never had a reason to do it until Stephanie’s mom came to visit. I figured we’d just take one of the ferries…

Stephanie’s Jarlsberg

Stephanie made Jarlsberg cheese two months ago, and we finally cut it open last week. It had holes, and lots of them! Of all the hard cheeses we’ve made, this one is by far the best. Stephanie’s holey cheese

The Karmann Ghia

The incomparable Volkswagen Karmann Ghia

Fête des Mères

Stephanie’s Mom happened to be visiting us during Mother’s Day in France (La Fête des Mères), so we celebrated with a lovely brunch at Olea, just around the corner from our apartment. Justin, Stephanie, and Chris at Olea

A birthday barbecue in Santa Rosa

The last weekend that Stephanie’s mom was in town also coincided with Eva’s birthday, so we spent the day up in Santa Rosa, enjoying the warm weather with friends and family. Patrice showing the kids how to pop a cork…

Cheese and Rosé Wines

Our latest class at the Cheese School of San Francisco, pairing nine cheeses with four rosé wines, was taught by Kirstin Jackson of It’s Not You, It’s Brie and Solano Cellars fame. The “Cheese and Rosé Wines” cheese plate Starting…

All Creative Work Is Derivative

I love this video by Nina Paley (of Sita Sings the Blues fame).

MonoTracers spotted in Austria

Nope, I didn’t jet off to Europe last weekend. Stephanie’s dad sent in an email with photos of two Peraves MonoTracers he saw at a gas station in Switzerland Austria. I wonder if they come in baby blue? Gray and…

A Russian warship in San Francisco

Yesterday I noticed the unusual sight of a military ship from Federated Media’s kitchen windows. Turns out it’s the Russian cruiser Varyag. We’re friends with Russia these days, right? More at SFGate: Russian warship makes rare SF appearance. The best…

Whitewater rafting the American River

Stephanie and I went whitewater rafting on the American River’s South Fork with Gold Rush last Sunday. The photos were taken by Scott Ligare of Fluid Light Images, who followed us around in his whitewater kayak while we ran the…

Smart Fortwo on Pine Street

A blue Fortwo

Julia’s Life in France

I was surprised to find out that Julie & Julia the movie was not solely adapted from Julie & Julia the book (which itself is based on The Julie/Julia Project the blog). The parts that were set in France of…