“Sort Sol” in San Francisco at Sunset

On my walk home tonight I saw these birds flying around in formations that resembled the Danish sort sol, or “black sun”. I felt compelled to pull out my camera and snap a few stills. As it happens, my 21mm lens broke last weekend, so instead I had my 35mm with me, which turned out to be the perfect focal length, capturing the whole flock without feeling too wide or too tight.

sort sol in san francisco at sunset

The birds disappeared behind a building for a moment, but they returned and continued swarming above the intersection at Grove and Market, with a fiery orange sunset glowing in the distance. This was something that had to be captured with video. So I started recording, not even sure what my camera’s video settings were set to—I didn’t want to interrupt the moment. I recorded for several minutes, when, like clockwork, they all descended to the roof of the public library, and then into the trees for the night.


That is so beautiful!


ke chingon atardecer y una belleza el movimiento de los pajaros


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