Olecranon Fracture

Last Tuesday while on my way to work, I fell off my bike at 11th and Market. It happened so fast, I’m not entirely sure why I fell, but I believe I was braking to avoid some bikes ahead of me when my front tire came in contact with the streetcar tracks, which caused my bike to slide out from under me.

I hit the pavement hard. The entire impact of the fall was concentrated on my left elbow—there wasn’t a scratch anywhere else on me. Thankfully no other bikes or cars were involved. My arm swelled up, but since I could still move my fingers I didn’t think anything was broken. Until I saw the x-ray.

Justin left elbow not good

On Friday evening I had surgery to fix the fracture, which involved fastening a metal plate to my elbow with a whopping 8 screws drilled into the bone. Check out my new bionic elbow.

Justin left elbow better

Here’s a updated x-ray of my new elbow, taken ten days after my surgery:

Justin left elbow better



Hope you heal fast, Justin. Be safe on those SF streets, my friend.


Sending you lot of healing vibes :) Bisousssssss


Just saw this today. Ouch! Hope you are rehabbing well and following ALL the orders of both the physical and occupational therapists.


Hi! Thank you very much for your videos on you tube. I was wondering, if you can share
some exersises that you perform during physiotherapy sessions. I did break my elbow 4 weeks ago (distal humerus) and got same problem with range of motion. I am agetting physiotherapy, but do not. see too much progress yet. Thank you very much, Anna

Anna, I did a number of different exercises with a Theraband as prescribed by my physical therapist. Though I’m sure you can find examples of such exercises on YouTube, I would hesitate recommending anything not prescribed by your physio. If you are not getting good results, perhaps consider seeking out another.


Hi i saw your video on youtube and would like to ask you more questions as i have the same issue as yours . Please email me or provide me your email . Thank you very much. Really need your help.


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