Limited Range of Motion

Before the surgery to fix my fractured olecranon (translation: broken elbow), I was told that the number one complication would be “limited range of motion”. Of course I had no real appreciation for what that meant until the splint came off yesterday. So I thought it’d be fun to record my progress to track how the range of motion in my elbow evolves.

Episode 1 (two weeks after fracture)

Episode 2 (three weeks after fracture)

Episode 3 (four weeks after fracture)

Episode 4 (five weeks after fracture)



Thanks for the video. All I want to do is hug you and kiss your boo-boo and make it all better, but I know you’re now too old for that silly stuff. So my thoughts are with you and I hope that physical therapy will reduce the limitation if not eliminate it entirely.

Aww, well I appreciate the thought and concern all the same. My first physical therapy appointment is on Monday, and I’m planning on recording another video on Tuesday to capture the progress of my first week, post-splint, and demonstrate my new PT-prescribed exercises!


Red, Gray, Blue, and Green – nice shirt colors, and I’m glad to see at least once a week that you’re changing clothes. Teeheehee!

Ouch – glad it’s healing!


I was sorry to hear about your elbow, but I’m glad it’s healing so well for you. maybe not so terrible that you can’t hyperextend your arm like a freak (something I know a lot about).

It’s miraculous that I didn’t repeat shirts over the 4 weeks. Thanks all for the well-wishing.


Hope you are doing well. Keep up all the exercises. Those therapists will get you back into form.


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