A little weekend math

What’s the aspect ratio of a rectangle such that dividing it in half, perpendicular to its longest side, yields two smaller rectangles of the same aspect ratio? w/h = h/(w/2) w²/2 = h² w² = 2h² w = h√2 w/h…

Learning how to save, one year later

I can’t believe it’s been a year since I wrote Learning how to save. Seems like a good time to post an update, especially after having made a number of changes since learning how hard the interest rate on my…

The new view, panoramic

The view from my new desk

Fridays in December

Filed under, “Things I’m thankful for.” December being a month of birthdays (I’m 28 now btw!) and holidays and families, each Friday afternoon is like an appetizer before the greater celebration to come. One week closer.

Unboxing the Ricoh GR Digital II

Someone at work mentioned the phenomenon of unboxing the other day—the fetish of meticulously recording the process of opening brand new electronics for the vicarious enjoyment of others. At first I was horrified. I mean, really, could anything more superficial…

Taking the GR Digital II for a test drive

I’m not a pixel peeper. I like a camera that’s easy and fun to use and takes good photos. 99.9% of the time I’m going to take an image I like, maybe crop it, scale it down to fit the…

We live next to a hospital…

…but we don’t usually find blood on the sidewalk.

War is over! If you want it

Powerful and appropriate, 38 years later. Other formats to blog or print: Please right-click links and select “Save Link/Target As” 400 pixel wide jpeg 450 pixel wide jpeg 500 pixel wide jpeg original jpeg full-size PDF for printing Source: imaginepeace.com…

Dinner at Google

What’s Airline Chicken anyway?

One year of Zipcar

I signed up for Zipcar last December to test it out, but didn’t start using it in earnest until April when I sold my car. In May Stephanie and I got our Vespas for getting around the city on a…

San Francisco at dusk

Morning clouds over the Bay

Stephanie de Nosecup

Temporary plastic surgery… …courtesy of Pick Your Nose Cups.

Weekend of (over?) consumption

I’m not really a calendar kind of guy. I think that makes it easier for me to just live and adapt to things one day at a time. Had I a calendar this past weekend, I might not have felt…

Every experience is formative

It was the policy of the Pflugerville Independent School District (located just north of Austin, Texas) that all high school boys come to school with their whiskers shaved. “Whiskers,” it was explained to me, were facial hairs growing on the…

Restoring the reverse chronology

Hey hardcore Justinsomnia readers! Yeah, you! The folks who’ve actually got http://justinsomnia.org/ in your bookmarks. The folks who still periodically check my homepage for updates instead of subscribing to the feed. (I remember those days!) I’ve just added a new…

Our holiday spirit

Matthew’s big projects

My younger brother has done two pretty amazing things this year, (I’m sure many more, but two I now have photographic proof of). In the fall he started a new job (a new career really) teaching high school history. Not…

Happy Holidays from Austin

Grandmommy (my mom’s mom), Stephanie, Justin, Katie, Matthew, Dad, and Mom

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My mom has a Santa Claus collection

This is some of it