Matthew’s big projects

My younger brother has done two pretty amazing things this year, (I’m sure many more, but two I now have photographic proof of).

In the fall he started a new job (a new career really) teaching high school history. Not only is this an all-around awesome occupation, karmically speaking, but it sounds as though he’s really found his passion.

Today we got a backstage pass to see the man in his classroom:

Matthew in his classroom

But that wasn’t enough to sate him, oh no. He also decided to buy a house! I really don’t know how he did it. The first I heard any mention of the idea was at the end of September, and by Halloween he was a bonafide homeowner. Since then he’s been cleaning, painting, moving in, teaching, furnishing, and hopefully doing some settling.

Without further ado, here is the man and his house! So cool.

Matthew in his classroom

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