Weekend of (over?) consumption

I’m not really a calendar kind of guy. I think that makes it easier for me to just live and adapt to things one day at a time. Had I a calendar this past weekend, I might not have felt as relaxed as I did in spite of a rather action-packed schedule.

Thursday night was FM’s holiday party at the Clift Hotel in San Francisco. I really wish it had been a Friday night because the drinks were free, the water far between, and I enjoyed myself to the point of not making it into work on Friday. Oops.

Saturday was Joy’s birthday, and she, Kyle, and Marcia came down to the city for a late reservation at Clementine. Before dinner we all caught up at our place over kirs, Jean-Claude’s vin de noix, and some Frigolet we’d brought back from France with Kyle in mind.

Dinner was great. I’ve really been enjoying rack of lamb lately, Stephanie and Kyle both had an interesting duck leg confit with duck breast, Joy had a honey glazed quail, and Marcia had seared scallops with lobster risotto—which she claimed was the winner. We also managed to put away multiple appetizers, including a torchon of fois gras, and multiple desserts, including a cheese plate. Kind of felt like I was celebrating my birthday too!

Then I completely forgot we had brunch plans on Sunday, though thankfully not till noon, at Deenie and Danny’s, who had both come to our ravioli party. (Deenie dances with Stephanie in Loose Change.) I got to lend a hand in the kitchen turning some temperamental pumpkin waffle batter into some pretty decent pancakes, meanwhile enjoying scrambled eggs with sauteed mushrooms and fresh chives.

Otherwise, there was some holiday gift preparation, but we’ve pretty much got that all sorted. Should be a quiet week work-wise (I hope). Then on Friday afternoon Stephanie and I fly to Austin for the holidays, for some time with the fam, including Grandmommy, and a chance to see my brother’s new house.



Hmmm, it sounds like you need a gym subscription since all we’re planning when you are here is more consumption.

thanks for saving brunch! you are our superheroes! :)

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