Golden Gate Bridge at night

Golden Gate Bridge from Battery Point at dusk
At dusk
Golden Gate Bridge color-accented from Battery Point at dusk
Golden Gate Bridge long-exposure
32x24″ canvas print of Color-accented Golden Gate Bridge at night
32×24″ unstretched canvas print

Note: If you’re interested in buying a print of one these photos like the one above, please don’t hesitate to send me an email. Prices range from $100-300.

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justin, how did you create the color-accented picture?

I actually did it in the camera. We have the same (or similar) camera, right? The Canon SD400?

Anyway, there’s a whole series of modes available when you press the button in the center of the circular dial while in picture-taking mode.

Choose the last one, I think it’s called “My Colors” then go down to the my colors menu that appears and choose “Color Accent.” I think you use the menu button followed by the left arrow button to choose the color you want to accent. And everything else stays black and white. Cool huh?


Justin, you impress me by your photos. They are all different. I mean if I take the same shut, the result will be “quelconque”. What is your secret ? The sharing of the beauty of life ? Because even a stupid chain has an expression. Your photos translate the life. Thank you Justin. Big kisses from moumounette

Chris, sometimes I think I just get lucky! But my only secret is that I take a lot more pictures than I post to my blog, so you never see the really bad ones :) I try to find interesting perspectives. We’re all used to looking at the world straight ahead about 5-6 feet off the ground, so I try to point my camera in almost any other direction, looking up, looking down, close to the ground, or up high…


Justin, I am interested in buying one of these prints. Do you have an email or a website that I can go to to purchase these?

Chelsea, you can find my email address on my about page.


How much is it for one of the pictures of the Golden Gate Bridge?


justin i would like to purchase a large print of the color-accented photo of the golden gate. email me when u get a chance.


Hey Justin I really like the color accented print, and I want one similar what sizes do they come in? can you make one thats at least a 4-6 feet long by 2-3 feet wide?

Michael, the largest I’ve printed it is 20×30″ and it came out great. The source image is only 5MP though, so I wouldn’t recommend printing it any larger than that. If you want to discuss making a larger print, please feel free to send me an email.


i think you are a good photographer, im in Scotland doing a project on bridges,thanks for putting the picture on google


Very nice. I like the colour accented photo. It looks very professional and all the colour contrast is beautiful. I like how the bridge “pops” out and is very much the centerpiece of the picture. Good job Justin I’m very impressed.


Wow justin. really impressive. what are your tips to taking great pictures?

Victoria, I wrote up some tips here: How I use my camera.


I love the color-accented golden gate. How would I purchase a hi-res file?

Karyn, like my post says, you would send me an email.

Larry O'Baker

Justin, I would like to purchase the black and white golden gate bridge at night, with the red bridge, would like a 16×20. What is the cost for that and an 8×10. I have taken the same picture of the bridge, but cannot figure out how to get the bridge its original color in photoshop. Any ideas?


Hi Justin

Im Interested in this picture for my wall. I have a question though I need a high resolution picture as I need to blow it up to 930 x 2100 could i do it with this one?
Sam Cannalonga

Joyce g

I’m interested in a 24×36 of the color accent. What is your fee and is it clear enough to blow it up thy large? Please email. Thanks!


I am interested in the “Color-accented” print in 20×30. Please email me with cost and details.


Donna Jesmer

I would like a print of the color-accented picture 48 x 36. could you give me a price. My son would love this in his room. Thanks,

Felicia W.

Are you still doing prints of the color accented golden gate bridge?? If so I am looking for a 24x36in version. Also can you do canvas or just prints? Please email me with costs and details. Thanks in advance!


I am interested in the “Color-accented” print in 100×50. Please email me with cost and details . Or perhaps i could have the file … ( i live in Madrid , Spain!) thanks in advance


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