Mt. Tamalpais State Park and the Golden Gate Bridge

Drove down the 101 with Stephanie and her mom to Mt. Tamalpais State Park, right next to Muir Woods National Monument in Marin. Turned out to be an especially clear day with great views of San Francisco, the Farallon Islands, Mt. Saint Helena, and Mt. Diablo.

San Francisco from Mt. Tamalpais
San Francisco as seen from the top of the east peak of Mt. Tam, 2,571 feet up

It was a fun drive getting there, lots of twists and turns with stunning views of the city and the soft folds of Marin’s mountains along the way.

Mt. Saint Helena from Mt. Tamalpais
The hills of Marin with Mt. Saint Helena on the horizon

You can probably see Mt. Tam in the photo I took hiking up Mt. Saint Helena.

Around 4 we headed back down the mountain to get to the Golden Gate Bridge before the sun set. Since the pedestrian walkway is on the northbound side of the bridge, and we were heading south, we were kind of wondering whether we’d have to drive all the way into the city, turn around, and head back north. Turns out you can take the Sausalito exit heading south (the last one before the bridge), take a left after the exit as if you were heading up to the Marin Headlands, and then immediately take a left before going up the hill. There’s a parking lot there and a pedestrian bridge that goes under the Golden Gate bridge so you can cross over to the city side. As was our luck, we got there just time time to see the sun setting.

Looking up at the Golden Gate Bridge's cables
The cables that hold up the bridge
Golden Gate Bridge's cables at dusk
Looking towards the south tower
Looking north from the center of the Golden Gate Bridge
Looking towards the north tower

My favorite picture from the evening, probably because it looks more like a modernist illustration than a photo, is below. The lights on the left illuminate the towers of the bridge at night and the lights on the right were these neat round orbs of yellow.

Golden Gate Bridge illuminated
Golden Gate Bridge illuminated


word. those photos are beautiful. strong work.

Great photos, Justin. Damn, I love that cable pic. Nice post.

I remember my day on Mt. Tam. Can’t wait to get back!


This picture is beautiful! my family has been living in the bay area for 20 years and have never taken a ferry to Alcatraz or Angel Island… after seeing these pics we’ll definitely go!



I’m going to go on a field trip to Angel Island with my 5th grade class. I’m sooooooooooooooo excited to learn about all the history in Angel Island!Can’t wait!


I’ve been to this bridge!!! I drove across it!!! I was only like 2 years old. I rode in my aunt’s car. 2 of my cousins even have pics of them there as a baby and toddler. I’m still looking for mine….


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