hiking with christy and marcus

i traveled down to the city sunday morning to meet up with my cousin christy and her partner marcus. traffic was light, got there in just about an hour. they live in the castro, which i had only heard about the night before from alice who was telling me about morgan spurlock’s new show, 30 days. in one episode he has a conservative christian from michigan live with a gay man in the castro for 30 days.

from there we headed down along the san mateo coast for about an hour till we got to butano state park, just south of half moon bay. the fickle summer weather was on our side as the views were tremendous, especially around pacifica. the fog stayed several miles off the coast (until the drive home). we hiked for a few hours through a redwood canyon, which was nice, with a particularly steep decent towards the end.

Justin at Butano State Park
justin at butano

afterwards we stopped at duarte’s in pescadero for some artichoke soup and dungeness crab. by the time we left, a dense white fog had swept over the coast, providing a much different drive back to san francisco.

i tried to help christy getting her wireless connection working to no avail. chatted for a while about the area—now i’ve got a mental list of places to visit, including the pinnacles and point lobos. headed home just after the sun had set, and snapped this neat blurry picture of the golden gate bridge.

golden gate bridge at dusk
golden gate bridge at dusk


Justin, my friend, there appears to be quite a few things I need to teach out about. First, you didn’t know about the Castro and then you had never heard the expression “rock out with your cock out.” What’s next? I’ll have to come up with daily “pop culture” lessons. :)


well, he obviously needs some discipline. I only suggest, Alice, that you do this pubicly, thank you.

haha, yes please do!


Christy, just put me onto your website/blog. You rock! would you believe yours is the first blog I’ve been to.

Your cousin Art

Art, thanks for stopping by. Be careful, the blogosphere is addictive.

Here’s another Christy/Marcus themed post, with a picture of the three of us hiking Mt. St. Helena, the highest point in Sonoma County: Adventure Weekending Continues.

You have any plans to come out west for a visit?

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