The bridge to nowhere

Last weekend we left behind foggy San Francisco to celebrate a birthday on sunny Angel Island. On the way back we stopped at Battery Spencer, one of my favorite spots to take in the grandeur of the Golden Gate. The bank of fog was concentrated over San Francisco, creating the impression that the Golden Gate Bridge was leading motorists directly into the clouds.

The Golden Gate Bridge disappears into the fog
The Golden Gate Bridge disappears into the fog


Dennis Rankin

Nice pic, it’s my new wallpaper…

Anna Marie

So glad we were able to escape that for the day! Thanks for throwing chickens and being part of a great birthday :-)

Craig Palmer

I was on Angel Island last Sunday! What a gorgeous day to be out there.


Gorgeous. Any chance in getting this in higher res?

Nico, depends on what you’re looking for. I sell prints, if that’s what your interested it, and I license digital uses if that’s more your style. Otherwise, you can click on the image to get an 800px wide version that you can use with a CC-by license.


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