Hot Golden Gate Bridge Action!

I heart the Golden Gate Bridge—in all its international orange glory. Possibly the best part about working in Sausalito is that I get to cross the bridge twice a day (and twice a week on bike).

The skies were quite blue this morning. Both Stephanie and I were yearning for a little nature, so after a brunch of sweet and savory crepes, we made our way out to the bridge for some exploring.

Here’s a view you don’t often see, looking at the bridge straight on from the San Francisco side.

Looking at the Golden Gate Bridge, straight on
The Golden Gate Bridge, straight on

We scampered down a cliff to the sandy and bouldery beach below. I’m not sure if this is officially considered Baker Beach, or just the ocean-facing side of Fort Point.

View of the Golden Gate Bridge
The Golden Gate Bridge from Baker Beach

While we were there, a giant Hanjin container ship passed underneath the bridge. Is it just me, or does the idea of traveling on a container ship across the ocean sound totally awesome?

Hanjin container ship passing underneath the Golden Gate Bridge
Container ship passing underneath the Golden Gate Bridge

After exploring around the beach at the base of the bridge, we started hiking down towards Baker Beach, China Beach, Land’s End, and the Cliff House.

Map of hike from Golden Gate Bridge to the Cliff House
Our route from the Golden Gate Bridge to the Cliff House

This might be my favorite of all the photos I took today. We were rounding the corner of Land’s End just as the sun was setting, and the bridge glowed this intense deep red. I liked this particular vantage because nothing was in the way to obscure the bigness of the water.

The Golden Gate Bridge from Land's End at sunset
The Golden Gate Bridge from Land’s End at sunset

Once the sun neared the horizon everything turned the soft lavender of dusk.

The Golden Gate Bridge at dusk
The Golden Gate Bridge from Land’s End at dusk

Update: Here’s Stephanie’s post in French with pictures of the two of us.


Travel by freighter does sound exciting. A friend of mine just left for 25 days to Hawaii and back on a tug, taking a barge-load of supplies to the islands. It sounds very glamorous, except for the 26 foot seas off Cape Flattery. But the going to Hawaii part, I like that.

Awesome photos!
We were recently in San Francisco for several hours waiting for a connecting flight with plans to go see the bridge. Unfortunately it’d didn’t pan out that way, but I have enjoyed it vicariously through your posting :)


Nice pictures!!


landed on your page somehow
searching for a cool pic of the gg

spent a day in sf in mar 09
some expectations dont live up
but the gg bridge surpassed them
(and they were high going in)

truly a humbling experience to
walk upon that beautiful behemoth

and your page of multiple images
captures well the graceful
powerful effect it commands

anon, glad you enjoyed the pics. is that free-verse? also check out Golden Gate Bridge at night, it’s a frequent photographic subject on Justinsomnia.


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