Mojave landscapes in black and white

For Thanksgiving last year, Stephanie and I rented an Escape Campervan and drove down to the Mojave Desert. There we met up with friends Julie and Patrice who had driven down separately. It was something of a reprise of our…

On not wearing a bicycle helmet

It never even occurred to me that I could ride a bike without a helmet. Until I read this: To Encourage Biking, Cities Lose the Helmets (in the course of shopping for a helmet). Yes, there are studies that show…

Wild boar crossing

I like collecting unusual animal crossing signs (previously: kiwi, cow, bears & deer, bighorn, and elk). I don’t know why. Wild boar crossing sign, just south of Carmel

Learning how to save, six years later

I like to take some time at the end of each year (or in this case, well past the beginning) to look back on the financial decisions I’ve made and think about the year ahead. Last Year Not much happened…

I am not a blogger

T-shirt I saw at Macy’s Note: The exif metadata might be interesting to those of you who know what that means and also know me.