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Stuff I’ve done with my friends

Patrick and Laura got married!

I was in North Carolina for a wedding exactly three years ago (Abe and Kathleen’s), so it seemed only natural returning for the same last weekend (Patrick and Laura’s).

We flew out late Thursday night (technically Friday morning), but the plane was delayed in leaving, which meant we missed our tight connection in Dallas. So they routed us through Washington, and we arrived at RDU five hours late. Luckily we didn’t have anything planned for Friday afternoon, besides a hankering for some NC BBQ. Alice called just as we arrived, asking if we wanted to meet up then, rather than Saturday morning before the wedding. She took us to the Q-Shack near her house in Raleigh for a little barbecue “quatre heures“.

Then we zipped over to Phill and Susan’s house in Chapel Hill, where we’d be spending the night, in time to make a 7pm dinner reservation at Cypress on the Hill, one of the many new restaurants on Franklin Street. The food was lovely, but the best part was just catching up and talking travel. Afterwards they took us on a driving tour of some of the new developments around town and campus. It’s amazing how much growth has taken place in the last 5 years when I moved to California.

Saturday morning we bid farewell to Phill and Susan, and headed off to the mall so I could pick up a new shirt and tie for the wedding. We also stopped for a quick bite to eat, before heading down to Sanford, about an hour away. We changed our clothes in the car a few blocks from church, not an easy feat, and arrived at the ceremony with seconds to spare.

The reception was at the Carolina Trace Country Club. We sat around a table with a big group of familiar faces: Abe and Kathleen, Jean and Dave, Bev and Clark, Charles and Owen. Maybe it was the indoor light, or perhaps the conversation regarding our trip, but I was horribly negligent with the camera. I didn’t even get any pics of Laura and Patrick! But I did manage to take a nice one of me and Stephanie, her in a new dress, and me in a matching tie, during a quick break from the festivities.

Stephanie in a purple dress, and Justin with a purple tie, at Patrick and Laura's wedding
Stephanie and Justin all gussied up

Late that night we drove back to Raleigh to crash at Abe and Kathleen’s place. The next morning we stopped at the nearby Raleigh Farmers Market for a quick bite to eat, before heading back to Chapel Hill for a brunch/meetup with Anton and friends at Sandwhich. Anton, Lenore, Bob, Bora, Paul, Sally, Tucker, Brian, Ruby, and Izzy, all came out to say hi, catch up, and hear about the trip. A good time was had by all. Big thanks to Anton for making it happen.

Chapel Hill Blogger meetup/reunion at Sandwhich
Props to Lenore for asking the waitress to snap a group photo

We had a few hours before we needed to get back to the airport, so Stephanie took a nap in the car while I surfed the web on her iPhone. Later we took a walk around McCorkle Place on the UNC campus, which now has the effect of filling me with a deep sense of nostalgia. Then it was time to leave once again. We drove back to RDU, returned the rental car, had dinner at Brookwood Farms BBQ in the airport, and caught our flight to Minneapolis. We were not surprised (or amused) to discover that our flight to SFO was delayed by two hours, which meant we didn’t crawl into bed until 2am Monday morning.

Barbecue plate from Brookward Farms with pulled pork, mac and cheese, brunswick stew, and cornbread
Airport barbecue: pulled pork, mac and cheese, Brunswick stew, and cornbread

A birthday barbecue in Santa Rosa

The last weekend that Stephanie’s mom was in town also coincided with Eva’s birthday, so we spent the day up in Santa Rosa, enjoying the warm weather with friends and family.

Patrice showing the kids how to pop a cork of a bottle of champagne
Patrice showing the kids how to pop a cork
Eva and Dacian blowing out the last candle
Eva and Dacian blowing out the last candle
Tout la monde
Tout le monde (left to right: Justin, Stephanie, Cristian, Julie, Mo the dog, Patrice, Nailah, Davahni, Christiane, Eva, Dacian, JB)
Group shot outtake
Best outtake ever, as I race to save the camera from the dogs

Adult Easter

Last weekend Nate and Sarah hosted an Easter party at their house up Petaluma. There were no children in attendance, so the easter egg hunt included 60 bottles of beer that they’d hidden all over the yard. Turns out brown and green bottles are remarkably well-camouflaged behind trees and under bushes. They also painstakingly created and hid these little confetti-filled eggs (made from real egg shells sealed with tissue paper) that we smashed on each other’s heads. Here’s a taste:

Stephanie with easter egg confetti on her forehead
Confetti on Stephanie
Justin with the remains of easter egg confetti on his pants
Confetti on Justin

Holding baby chickens

After visiting Terrie and her kids, we headed over to Joy and Kyle’s for a barbecue with Marcia and company. The budding suburban farmers that they are, Joy and Kyle recently added chicks to their homestead, which will one day grow into hens. Together they should lay up to 450 eggs a year—that’s a lot of omelettes!

So of course we got to hold their energetic little chicks. Taking photos of them in focus was another matter altogether.

Joy and Kyle's baby chick: Lucy
Lucy is a Rhode Island Red
Joy and Kyle's baby chick: Penny
Penny is a Silver Laced Wyandotte
Joy and Kyle's baby chick: Penny on Justin's shoulder
Penny on my shoulder

Holding baby goats

Two weekends ago, Stephanie and I drove up to visit Terrie who’s living in a yurt at the Bodega Goat Ranch.

A few words about me and Terrie. We first met in San Diego in 2005 at ETech. My friend Patrick saw a job posting about something to do with Blogging and RSS and thought of me. It turns out Terrie was looking for a new web producer at O’Reilly. I had a brief interview with her there, and then flew up to San Francisco to interview with the rest of the team. Not only did Terrie take me on a tour of Sebastopol, Petaluma, and Santa Rosa, but she also let me crash at her place. O’Reilly offered me the job, I moved to California, and the course of my life was forever altered.

A year later I left O’Reilly for Federated Media, and the story should have ended there. But for some reason it didn’t. Terrie started doing these interesting things. She got chickens. She left O’Reilly, but not for another job. She moved into a yurt. On a goat farm. Where they make cheese. So even though our professional paths diverged, our non-work interests only seemed to converge.

Which goes part of the way towards explaining how, two Sundays ago, we found ourselves visiting Terrie and holding baby goats.

Justin holding a baby goat
Justin with kid
Stephanie holding a baby goat
Stephanie with kid
Terrie holding a baby goat
Terrie with kid