Circular polarizer

Just like polarized sunglasses, a polarizing lens filter reduces glare from the sunlight that reflects off water and even haze. Some comparison shots taken with and without a polarizer are nothing short of amazing, so given my predilection for landscapes,…

I ♥ 500

Another pot de yaourt on the streets of San Francisco

Deconstructing the iPad

Source: iPad Teardown I found this photo to be unexpectedly beautiful. Without any context, it seems to be an art piece, a reaction against consumerism, the curtains pulled back on the Wizard of Oz. It’s none of the above…

Holding baby goats

Two weekends ago, Stephanie and I drove up to visit Terrie who’s living in a yurt at the Bodega Goat Ranch. A few words about me and Terrie. We first met in San Diego in 2005 at ETech. My friend…

Holding baby chickens

After visiting Terrie and her kids, we headed over to Joy and Kyle’s for a barbecue with Marcia and company. The budding suburban farmers that they are, Joy and Kyle recently added chicks to their homestead, which will one day…

Triumph TR2 on Pine Street

It’s not every day that I see a Triumph TR2 on my way to work

Adult Easter

Last weekend Nate and Sarah hosted an Easter party at their house up Petaluma. There were no children in attendance, so the easter egg hunt included 60 bottles of beer that they’d hidden all over the yard. Turns out brown…

4505 Golden Dog ‘Zilla Style

This is 4505’s signature dog, studded with bacon and smoked, then topped with Namu Kimchi $$$ sauce, scallions, and chicharrones. Procured at the Ferry Building Farmers Market on Saturday. Golden Dog ‘Zilla Style

Enter through the “Tradesmen” door

The Tradesmen Door

Shalom Salaam Peace

Source: Wikipedia: Peace symbols I was taken by how similar the word for “peace” is in Hebrew and Arabic, not just the sound of the words, but the very letter shapes themselves.

Portrait of a bookshelf

Ideal Bookshelf 6, GW by Jane Mount At first I thought they were just some random, thematically similar books painted together, but when I thought of it as a person’s “portrait” (idealized or otherwise) it took on another dimension. For…

I’m famous! (in a random MeeGo demo)

Screenshot from “MeeGo 1.0 on Many Devices and Screen Sizes” This one just boggles the mind. Apparently a QR Code (a sort of fancy 2D barcode for URLs) that I generated pointing to ended up in a YouTube demo…

An improbable Geo on Pine Street

Geo Tracker LSi 4×4 with lift kit, massive off-road tires, and safari-style roof rack. The mud splatters are a nice touch.

Getting my cocktail education

Claudine threw a birthday party for Danny over at St. George Spirits in Alameda this weekend. If you know your spirits, you might be familiar with their Hanger One Vodka or Absinthe Verte, the first American-made absinthe on the market…

BMW at an angle

BMW 3.0 CS on Mason between Pine and California It’s funny, I’ve been taking these photos of cars lately, but I’m not really a car person. Mostly it’s just entertainment for me on my walk to and from work, but…

A mate for Pou Bel

Perhaps you recall Pou Bel, the aptly named Citroën deux chevaux? Well today I found him a mate: Culotte. That’s French for underpants. Le deux chevaux, Culotte

BMW 2002 on Pine Street

BMW 2002 with wheels curbed

San Bruno Mountain on a clear day

On Sunday, we visited San Bruno Mountain State Park with Julie, Patrice, and Eva. This time we managed to hike the entire Summit Trail unimpeded by the fog. The peak of San Bruno Mountain, sporting several antennas View towards San…

Nissan’s rounded Cube

It takes some serious cojones to build a car with an asymmetrical body. The license plate “easter egg” is a nice touch. For another unique tailgate, if that’s your thing, check out the Volvo C30.