Abe and Kathleen got married

Here’s Kathleen and Abe all gussied up for their wedding.

Abe and Kathleen at their wedding

Beforehand we met up with Christy and Patrick for a little caffeine to ensure we’d make it through the night.

Christy and Patrick at Open Eye before Abe and Kathleen's wedding

This is actually the best picture of me and Stephanie from the weekend.

Justin and Stephanie at Abe and Kathleen's wedding

There were a ton of people I knew from SILS at this thing. It’s crazy how many made it out. I’m really glad I came.

Jean and Dave were there. This wedding brought back memories of theirs two years ago, on the weekend before I left Chapel Hill for California. Charles and Owen were there, just about to move to Philadelphia. I had no idea Jesse and Rebecca were going to be there. They just got married like two months ago and are living in NYC. Of course Christy and Patrick were there. Jackson and Erica were there and looking hip. The new and improved Carlie was rocking it. Meg and Josh had flown in from their new digs in Boston. Tim was there. Thank you for bringing the sounds of Hell to Carrboro. And last but not least, Todd and Niamh had flown in from Chicago.

As weddings go, this one was pretty cool. It made me happy to see their personalities shining through. Some details are worth noting. Catering was by the excellent Acme. Dinner was before the ceremony. Abe and Kathleen’s “first dance” was a choreographed hip hop duet to Beyonce’s “Crazy in Love.” I shit you not. It was pretty much the awesomest thing ever. My chin was on the floor. The whole time. I will post a link here when it shows up on YouTube. Update: Kathleen & Abe: the wedding video. The “wedding cake” was a pyramid of cupcakes. They had gourmet popsicles from Locopops.

At some point after midnight, the core group of revelers (me and Stephanie included) made their way to the OCSC, sitting out back just chilling with a drink. Catching up. Giving Abe and Kathleen a chance to hang with friends. It just felt…right.


I am decidedly bummed I missed this. :-(


Wow, I’m really bummed everyone came to town and no one told me.

No worries Robin. It was such a quick trip for us I almost didn’t want to tell anyone because I knew I’d probably not have the time to get together.

As promised: Kathleen & Abe: the wedding video, thanks to the video-editing stylings of Carlie.


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