Holding baby chickens

After visiting Terrie and her kids, we headed over to Joy and Kyle’s for a barbecue with Marcia and company. The budding suburban farmers that they are, Joy and Kyle recently added chicks to their homestead, which will one day grow into hens. Together they should lay up to 450 eggs a year—that’s a lot of omelettes!

So of course we got to hold their energetic little chicks. Taking photos of them in focus was another matter altogether.

Joy and Kyle's baby chick: Lucy
Lucy is a Rhode Island Red
Joy and Kyle's baby chick: Penny
Penny is a Silver Laced Wyandotte
Joy and Kyle's baby chick: Penny on Justin's shoulder
Penny on my shoulder



Baby again !!!!!!!!!

Ah, memories… They don’t look like that anymore at all. Great pictures!

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