last transmission from apt 47

well, this is it. the abf trailer just got picked up. my car’s loaded up. got one more errand to run and i’m on my way to see melanie in clarksville, tn.

and like all the moving guides say, “the last thing to pack should be your wireless access point/cable modem”.

at jean’s wedding on saturday night people asked whether i was excited. and i haven’t really been, i guess i’ve been too focused on packing—a week long endeavor—and too focused on spending time with friends. right now i feel kind of nauseous. said my goodbyes to jane as she left for work. visited with patrick, abe, and kathleen last night.

i need to get going. miss you all.




Good Luck and Drive Safe. love ya.


Now I feel nauseous too. Call!


God bless you and keep you

Happy travels and best wishes to you. (And again, congrats!)

You are already missed, Justin!

Have a safe trip, and I wish you the best in California!

Safe trip, Justin. Had a great time at the wedding with you, and I hope to get out to the left coast and visit at some point.

Check in ASAP!


not sure where to send you an email, so here’s this: tix from SF to Seattle run about $200. If you get bored or lonesome, give a call and come on up. We promise to feed, house and entertain. Good luck; we look forward to seeing you.


missed you at orange county saturday night. best of everything in cali, justin.

with any luck, like the jason in tennessee, the blog may make it seem like i’ve never left at all. but don’t let that discourage anyone from visiting, especially if you find yourself in the bay area with time to spare and a penchant for wineries or redwoods.

csg, once we both get settled, i’m hoping so. if there’s anything happening in seattle you’d recommend me coming up for (in a few months), definitely let me know.

and beng, silly moi for not pacing myself at jean’s wedding. ah, the corruptability of free white wine on a summer night in the company of friends.

Aw shucks, we’re going to certainly miss you.

And the best thing I remember about Oklahoma City (you said you were driving through there) was the enormous fireworks store.
Also, along 40 in New Mexico, there are a lot of ridiculous souvenir shops that sell awful, stereotyped “Indian” items. Might be worth a stop….

Keep safe.


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