BMW 2002 on Pine Street

BMW 2002 on Pine Street
BMW 2002 with wheels curbed


All these car pics must mean you secretly miss having a car.

At some future point in my life, I could definitely see myself driving a small body, vintage car. The only thing that makes that unlikely is my lack of mechanical know-how.

On my walk home today, I spotted an orange BMW 2002 tii waiting at a stop light on Pine Street. Because of this photo project I’ve unintentionally embarked upon, I knew that the tii model is highly sought after by collectors due to its souped-up engine, and thus by the same token, it’s also a ripe market for forgeries. Who knew?


2002’s are absolutely gorgeous and joyful to drive (very light, great weight balance, superb power/weight ratio). I have seen quite a few in great condition in the SF area. Great photo too! (Disclosure: My dad has a ’72 setup for vintage racing)

Yea there are quite a few tii knock-offs, as well as 3.0 CS knock offs. The local BMWCCA chapter (and probably some lists on the web nowadays) should be able to verify VINs.


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