Shalom Salaam Peace

Shalom Salaam Peace
Source: Wikipedia: Peace symbols

I was taken by how similar the word for “peace” is in Hebrew and Arabic, not just the sound of the words, but the very letter shapes themselves.


It makes perfect sense, historically. They’re both semitic languages, and are both using an Aramaic-derived alphabet.

It’s actually really awesome to read about this stuff: (excuse his early-nineties web aesthetic…) It never fails to astound me just how young writing is as a technology, yet how it spread like wildfire.

*pushes glasses back up nose*


עיצוב מיוחד של האמן צבי נרקיס לכבוד ביקור סאדת בירושליים
הפונט נרקיסים הוא עיצוב של צבי נרקיס
עיצב עשרות בולים בעשורים הראשונים של חשראל

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