I’m famous! (in a random MeeGo demo)

Screencap of a MeeGo demo video showing a QR Code pointing to http://justinsomnia.org/
Screenshot from “MeeGo 1.0 on Many Devices and Screen Sizes”

This one just boggles the mind. Apparently a QR Code (a sort of fancy 2D barcode for URLs) that I generated pointing to http://justinsomnia.org/ ended up in a YouTube demo video for MeeGo, a Linux-based mobile operating system joint-venture between Intel and Nokia.

Perhaps I have a fan out there in the MeeGo project? Much more likely, they grabbed it from Google Images after searching for “qr code,” where my image just happens to rank highly.

Of course I wouldn’t know this if it weren’t for some curious soul who saw the video on Engadget today, paused it at the 3:01 mark, and thought to use his cellphone to read the QR Code. And then probably wondered why the heck he was staring at my blog. Something tells me I should not expect a traffic spike from this.

Wait. Why does that QR Code go to justinsomnia.org?


So I captured the image, saved it to a file, edited it to focus on the qr code, went to ZXing (“Zebra Crossing”) Decoder Online and fed it in, tada! You’re famous!

Apparently you can do the same thing by just pointing an iPhone or Blackberry’s camera at the paused image—assuming they have the necessary QR Code decoding app.

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