Cheese cave, inventoried

We added a new cheese to our cheese cave this week, a 3-year-aged, vintage white cheddar from Tillamook, in honor of their 100th anniversary. It’s a two pounder, which is pretty commensurate with our homemade cheeses, so I decided to take them all out of the cave for a family picture.

Our cheese cave inventory, circa June 2009

The cheeses are (starting with the top, from left to right): Farmhouse cheddar #2, cow/goat Manchego #2, Farmhouse cheddar #4 (made with raw milk), Farmhouse cheddar #3, Tillamook cheddar, Gouda #2.

You might recall that Farmhouse cheddar #1, Gouda #1, and Manchego #1 were consumed at our Urban Cheese Party.

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