Gouda and Chedda’

Both ready for waxing and several months of aging.

Gouda and Cheddar

Stephanie made the Gouda with unhomogenized whole milk, using our new, cylindrical cheese mold. After pressing, it soaked in a brine for a day, and then for the last three weeks it’s been air drying in our cheese cave. Remember the photo I took last weekend of all that raw milk? Well every last drop of it, all seven quarts, went into the one and a half pound Farmhouse Cheddar that I made on the right. It’s been air drying for a week.



“using our new, cylindrical cheese mold” this needs to be described and photographed

How about we start with a link? Hard Cheese Mold – Small


Thanks, now I understand why it is so cylindrically precise

I really love the shape. Compared to the basket we were using previously (from the kits) this mold is smaller in diameter so it creates a slightly taller cheese. We got it because it comes with a follower (the plastic piece on top that presses down on the cheese), that exactly matches the diameter of the mold.

Interestingly both of the cheeses pictured were made with the same new mold, but as my cheddar was air drying on the first night, it sort of bowed out on the sides. I’m not sure if that’s due to the difference in milk, the difference in styles of cheese, or if Stephanie is just a superior cheesemaker!

This is awesome, I can’t believe you guys made your own cheese.

Steph L, yep, that’s actually our 4th cheddar, and our 2nd gouda.


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