Off to my brother’s wedding

Stephanie and I are heading to San Antonio for Matthew and Beth’s wedding on Saturday.

Matthew and Beth's Save the Date magnet

Update: this is how we carried our “luggage” from work in San Francisco to the airport in Oakland.

Justin and Stephanie with two backpacks a piece



awesomely awesome! please wish them congratulations for me when you see them.

beth has a real german name ;-) – i remember the time – all my friends get married – i love to be invited on weddings. …but after all this years, all friends are married and perhaps somebody will invite me to his seperation ?? ;-(

Jackie, I will. Can you imagine me in a tux outdoors in this weather? (re: your comment on Steph’s Facebook status).

Geli, indeed she does, and they even pronounce it with a German twang: eye-zen-HOOT. There are a lot of German immigrants who made their home in Central Texas during the 1800s. We have them to thank for the sausage component of the “holy trinity” of Texas Barbecue: brisket, pork ribs, and sausage.


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