Vespa trailers exist?!

Shot in motion this afternoon along the Embarcadero—part of a Jose Cuervo advertising blitz run by Scooter Media. I’ll pass on the tequila, but where can I get one of those trailers? This would make “vespa camping” a total reality.

Scooter Media's Vespa Trailer

Here’s a closeup of the hitch from a photo I found on Flickr:

Scooter Media's Vespa Hitch

Update: After leaving a comment, Carmine emailed me some photos of his Vespa GTS 250 towing a 170 lbs trailer which he took across the country—all the way to Alaska! Neat, huh?

Vespa GTS 250 with trailer
Vespa GTS 250 with trailer in front of Roslyn Cafe



I did a bit of riding for Scooter-Media up in Seattle last summer and I thought the trailers were pretty sweet as well. They sort of build them up themselves from a basic axle/wheel set and fiberglass pan. The cool part is the hitch – it bolts on with the engine cover bolts (along with a couple support points) and on the trailer is a regular ball tongue that gets a custom rotating joint added (so it {the tongue} can roll from side to side about 30 degrees or so). There’s also a tiny european trailer called a Pav that would probably be more practical – someone up here in Portland imports them and has them on craigslist from time to time for about a grand. They look sort of like a unigo and have just one wheel.
If you have any questions you can reach me through the email link on (glasses at the bottom of the page).


Scooter trailers do exist. They sell them here:

Nice…but 49cc only. I’d need something that’s highway legal.

Tigerdog in Scuderville

I did buy the scootboot trailer (it was all I could find) and rebuilt it to to highway work, and I need to expand on it some more to carry dogs. If you are interested I could share email pics.

carmine mattia

i have a trailer 170 lb. i went cross country to alaska last year with my gts 250 vespa 12000 miles, i like to post pic but how i do that in here, to show the trailer

Carmine, thanks for sending me the photos of your Vespa trailer! I added them to my post. Amazing. You make me want to take a road trip.

steven banks

carmine i was wondering if you could show how you mounted the hitch on the vespa i want do the same thing . thanks steven banks


I need a trailer to carry my wet plate photography (tintype) dark box behind my GTS300 Super. My primary concern is mounting the hitch to the scooter. Anybody have a source for this, or plans to fabricate one? Thanks!


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