Listen to: The Books

The first time I heard the song “The Lemon of Pink” from The Book’s same-titled album, I practically stopped in my tracks (where my tracks are me sitting at my computer at work listening to SomaFM’s Indie Pop Rocks).

I’m not exactly sure when I heard it first (I purchased the CD last fall), but I remember remarking to some friends afterwards, “This is what I imagine the music of the future sounds like.” Equal parts found audio from diverse sources, banjo-y guitar, and electric cello, they combine it all in a sometimes dissonant, heartbeat-skipping way that sounds unlike any other music I know.

The Books' album, the Lemon of Pink

Stephanie and I managed to see them play at the Great American Music Hall last April, and what surprised me about their performance (granted I had no idea what to expect) was how much they actually played and sang: a lot. Adding to the experience was the fact that almost all their audio samples come from video sources—which they projected on a giant screen behind them.

Here’s a taste:

The Books – Take Time

The Books – There is no there



i also like this record.

When did this become an mp3 blog?

Corey, good question! I also find myself asking, when did this become such a photoblog?

At various points in my blogging history I’ve thought to myself “I should create a new blog for X” where X is something like food or photos or music. This usually happens about the time I find myself getting bored with the usual “this is what I did this weekend” fare.

Instead, I decided I could just adapt my blog for whatever I was interested in at the moment, kind of see if it stuck, and just run with it. Partly because I’m pretty sure my blog would live on (and could always use an injection of new content) whereas any new topically or technically limited blog would probably die when I lost that intensity of interest.

Mostly, I like a certain kind of music, and rather than just linking to band websites or whatnot, I thought it’d be more interesting to test the limits of what I believe fair use is (or should be) and make it easier for people to listen to (and discover) the kinds of music I like.


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