First day of vacation

Mmm. I love ham and eggs.

Holiday break officially started for me when I left work yesterday night. I’ll be off through January 2, my longest break since moving from North Carolina to California in May. Tomorrow I’m flying to Austin for Christmas with the fam, including Grandmommy, who’ll be staying with us this year. Last time I saw everyone was in June, at my cousin Casey’s high school graduation. Wow, that was 7 months ago. Then I’ll be back in norcal on Wednesday, for some vacation from the vacation, hopefully traipsing around the wet Bay Area before New Year’s Eve.

I slept in today (or tried to), putting an end to many many days of too little sleep. I’ve really been thinking lately that 16 hours of wakedness is too little time into which to squeeze all the life I want to live. So I lounged in bed until noon, listening to the rain that has been falling non-stop since last weekend, futzing around on my blog, reading stuff online. Sometimes leisure seems overly luxurious, but the brain needs it, mine does at least. I feel like I haven’t been able to write a coherent sentence since the weekend when all the birthdays started.

I’ve been thinking about year end stuff a little, doing some looking back, reading my own blog, reminding me of me and where I was. But honestly, isn’t it a little too early for that? I mean, the wholly arbitrary end of year point is still 9 days away. C’mon, there’s a major holiday of gargantuan commercial proportions on the horizon. So I’ll wait to summarize until then.

I went out to Finbar with folks last night, discovered that graphic designer Troy has whipped the non-blog home of into shape. Word on the street: we’ll be going public in Q2. And to think, this all started one Wednesday night many moons ago when Marcia and I stumbled into the bar and settled on the goofiest name we could think of.

What should I do next? It’s 2pm on Thursday Dec 22. Only 2 days left til Christmas, and one of which I’ll be traveling to Austin. Guess I’m going SHOPPING! But first, a shower.


Officially, Glitter Ponies started with you and Marcia. That is correct! Prior to that, our team was the Hell’s Satans. But we never did that well. And we didn’t have a mascot. And we certainly didn’t have a website. Still! I like to think of Glitter Ponies as an evolution of the Hell’s Satans, only with the charming Justin at the head.

Hell’s Satans is a stolen name, though. I don’t think I’d brag about it. Glitter Ponies is definitely something to brag about. I wish I’d been there that first night. Sigh…

I remember the name Hell’s Satans, but I can’t remember when it was used… Did we ever call ourselves that at trivia in the days of yore? Oh, and I’m hardly at the head of anything—this is a group effort through and through.

Leona, we missed ya on Wednesday, there was a WHOLE round on sports questions, bleck.

My favorite questions this week were these brain teasers during the mix and match round where you had to decode something like:

7 = D in the W

as “Seven days in the week.” Looks easy right? Most were, but see if you can figure out the three that stumped us the longest. Can you tell they’re still burned into my memory? :)

Click the button to see the answer.

Justin, yes, we did trivia for at maybe a year before Glitter Ponies and called ourselves the Hell’s Satans and then the Sparkly Purple Unicorn Posse, which spawned our renowned, but short-lived gang of the same name (Spup — yeah, you’ve heard of us, yo). But none of it jelled before Glitter Ponies.

And YES Leona, Hell’s Satans is from the Simpson’s, but it is borrowed, not stolen. Besides a clever lawyer could argue we stole “Glitter Ponies” from the My Little Pony franchise. Of course, we didn’t, but can you prove it, hmmm? Especially to the kind of lawyer who would take on an obscure trivia group? Lesson learned: It is best not to go into the origin of these things.


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