Family of Three Sisters

Last weekend (June 4-5, 2005), on the occasion of my cousin Casey’s high school graduation in Liberty, Indiana, the Barnette family—descendants of my maternal grandmother—gathered to celebrate.

My grandmother, seated at the center, had three daughters, standing in the back row with their husbands. My mom, the middle sister, is on the right.

My brother Matthew and I are kneeling on either side of Grandmommy. Katie is sitting in front of Matthew. To my right is Casey and his brother Patrick. Reclining in front is Whitney.

Photograph of the Barnette family taken on June 5, 2005

What’s wacky is that this photo is a remake, position for position, of a photo that was taken at Christmas in 1994, 11 years earlier.

Photograph of the Barnette family taken on December 25, 1994

Here is a family tree diagram representing everyone in the photos, excluding my maternal grandfather, who passed away before I was born.

Barnette family tree

note: I had originally posted this on June 7, 2005, but after getting the photo from 1994 and creating the family tree diagram, I decided to revise the content and repost it today.


oh, ok.

the last book i bought and read is stranger than fiction by chuck palahniuk. on the plane home from indiana.

i am not going to count my books. from where i’m sitting there are many. probably several hundred. they were heavy. i moved them all to california.

five of my favoritest books off the top of my head were cryptonomicon (neal stephenson), the making of a chef (michael ruhlman), the soul of a chef (ibid), the razor’s edge (m. somerset maugham), and hackers and painters (paul graham).

i tag the next 5 people who have the misfortune of reading my response. hehe.


Tag? What’s this all about?


Oh, nevermind, I just read Katie’s blog. So I guess I’m next.

I don’t want to count my books, either. Besides the fact that due to living in an apartment, I have about half in boxes in the closet, my book are now mixed in with PJ’s books and so it’s hard to say anymore what I own. Also, my parents still have a ton of my books which they are probably going to make me take back with me after my next visit to NC.

I don’t remember the last book I bought except for the ones I buy to use with the kids at school (In that case, I believe it would be “My Lucky Day”, a story about a clever pig who outsmarts a fox and gets bathed, fed and massaged by the fox). I’m cheap, so I go to the library. Right now I’m reading the Left Behind series about the end of the world. I do admit that I have already pre-ordered the Harry Potter book with is coming out mid-July.

Five favorite books? Okay. These span my lifetime because I used to enjoy reading a lot more (before college, when reading became like a marathon event). The Betsy-Tacy books and the Trixie Belden series brought me through my elementary years. Then I got into fantasy series like Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time series and the Shannara books by Terry Brooks. Since then, I haven’t been seriously hooked on anything, I hate to say. Harry Potter is fun, but really just a diversion. I think I’ve gotten a little ADD when it comes to reading. My sister and others have recommended reading Janet Evanovich’s series so I think I”ll start those after I finish the Left Behind books.


now that is cute.

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