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I am not throwing away my shot!

Justin getting his first COVID-19 vaccine shot
Got my first shot of the Pfizer–BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine on April 10 in Fresno

Update: And I got my second 💉 on May 1st!

Update: And I got my booster 💉 on November 12th!

Update: And I got my bivalent booster 💉 on October 10, 2022!

Update: And I got my Comirnaty 💉 on September 18, 2023!

Olecranon Fracture

Last Tuesday while on my way to work, I fell off my bike at 11th and Market. It happened so fast, I’m not entirely sure why I fell, but I believe I was braking to avoid some bikes ahead of me when my front tire came in contact with the streetcar tracks, which caused my bike to slide out from under me.

I hit the pavement hard. The entire impact of the fall was concentrated on my left elbow—there wasn’t a scratch anywhere else on me. Thankfully no other bikes or cars were involved. My arm swelled up, but since I could still move my fingers I didn’t think anything was broken. Until I saw the x-ray.

Justin left elbow not good

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Another trip around the Sun

I had a friend in middle school who was driven to be the first person to wish me a happy birthday. I don’t know if it was just with me, or all her friends, but she carried this on for many years, after I’d moved away from my hometown, then gone off to college, well after our paths had diverged.

On the other hand, I could never really remember anyone’s birthday. I mean, I remember my brother and sister’s, but to be honest I have trouble with my parents’. It was just not something that my brain was interested in holding on to. Of course at the time, the geeky, budding engineer in me mused on ways to “solve” that problem, like creating a spreadsheet or calendar of all my friends’ birthdays. But that entailed tedious upkeep, and it wouldn’t solve the problem of alerting me on the day.

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The importance of bone marrow

It was a weird confluence: first the entire internet mourning Steve Jobs, then multiple items in my feedreader about Amit Gupta of Photojojo. He was recently diagnosed with acute leukemia and thus will need a bone marrow transplant from someone of South Asian descent in the near future. It compelled me to put a link on my blog calling out to all South Asians.

At first I thought the link I posted for Amit was the most I could do—I’m simply not South Asian. No, the most I could do would be to get tested and added to the National Marrow Donor Program, regardless. So this morning I went to Be The Match to request a free “cheek swab kit”.

National Marrow Donor Program (NMDP) Be the Match Donor Registry

Update: Amit Gupta and the social media search for a cure (BBC News Magazine)

Update: Amit Gupta found a bone marrow donor!

Competition for tissues

Stephanie goes through a lot of tissues. After we moved in together, her mom told me, “Good luck with the tissues.” Lifelong dust and pollen allergies have contributed to her frequently dripping nose. As a result, Stephanie is very particular about her tissues. She likes them thick—not those wimpy “American” tissues. She has at least one travel pack with her at all times. On our first trip to France, she came back with a suitcase full of her favorite brand of tissues. Stephanie is so passionate about the art of nose-blowing that she even wrote a blog post entitled: How do you fold your tissue?

All that to say, the harmony of our relationship is momentarily called into question whenever I have a cold (like this week), and start dipping into her precious supply.