Happy Indeed

Went out last night to zazu. Drank a lot of pinot, ate a lot of gourmet pizza, made a lot of noise until they kicked us out at 10.

Justin's 26th Birthday at zazu
Kyle, Stephanie, Justin, Marcia, Monica with the Hahn Estates Pinot Noir, Mark, Adrienne, and Matt with the camera in the lower right


Good choice with this photo. Certainly less…risque than others.

Note to self: I should insert your head in the lower right.

Dude, i wish i was there. That picture has all of my favorite Sonomaites. Good thing Matt was behind the camera.

Dude! Look who it is. Tony, we miss you. Hope you’re rocking out at Odeo.

After a comment like that, I am beginning to miss Tony less and less.

No photos of the food? Justin! What’s happened to you?

I know, we didn’t take the camera out until after we’d eaten. Plus, I mean, it was just pizza. I think I got a few shots of the chocolate fondue. And I still need to superimpose Matt’s head in the lower right.

There we go, now it looks just like a picture out of the Onion. I wonder what the headline would read?

The headline would read:
Partygoers enjoy festivities more after expelling drunken interloper

Or perhaps it would read:
Area man insists he was invited to party, prefers to drink alone

LOL, literally! I lurve the second one! Oh my god.

I mean “OMG!!!1”

Jesus Christ I look fat in that picture.

Yeah. I’ve got some kind fo weird double-chin action going on. As if, at any moment, I might burst out yelling, “You have displeased me and Hugo. Bring us a virgin and a shank of lambflesh!”

Oh shit, I didn’t see the double-chin. Probably just a flash-shadow effect. I should have photoshopped that out.


Vanity, thou name is man

Waxing Shakespearean on us?

!! Update your blog so I don’t have to see the stupid mocking photo that reminds me of the fun I missed because I had class!

Looks like a fun time. I need to take a trip out and see Kyle, Joy and you. On side note i saw your wish list and you should go for the All-Clad cookware. I love mine!


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