Competition for tissues

Stephanie goes through a lot of tissues. After we moved in together, her mom told me, “Good luck with the tissues.” Lifelong dust and pollen allergies have contributed to her frequently dripping nose. As a result, Stephanie is very particular about her tissues. She likes them thick—not those wimpy “American” tissues. She has at least one travel pack with her at all times. On our first trip to France, she came back with a suitcase full of her favorite brand of tissues. Stephanie is so passionate about the art of nose-blowing that she even wrote a blog post entitled: How do you fold your tissue?

All that to say, the harmony of our relationship is momentarily called into question whenever I have a cold (like this week), and start dipping into her precious supply.



I am in Indiana on your Aunt’s computer so I do not have Stephanie’s email. I was flying here yesterday on her birthday so I am one day late–now two by your clock–please tell her HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! from me. We love her– cute nose and all.

Thank you Kathy!! Oh and we got the package too, it’s perfect, thank you! Lots of love, Stephanie.

Hmm no matter how I want to defend myself from this glorious and flattering portrait… alas it’s true. As long as you accept my nose, I’ll spare a tissue for you.

Any decent (read largish) supermarket should carry a good stock of them, they used to even do the “super-soft soaked in Aloe Vera” type… maybe just in the cities.


this is probably the cutest thing ever!

Wow, Stephanie, your second comment reads like an accidental poem. Thanks for sharing your tissues.

Sauj, yep, she’s been living off Sorbent travel packs here in New Zealand. The brand she brought back from France: Lotus.


I have long ago switched to cotton hankies. I always have atleast one, they go in the wash each day and are super soft. Its a big help with all the sawdust and construction that seem to follow me around. And if it’s not lady like enough just train Justin to carry them in his pocket for you.

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