I am not throwing away my shot!

Justin getting his first COVID-19 vaccine shot
Got my first shot of the Pfizer–BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine on April 10 in Fresno

Update: And I got my second 💉 on May 1st!

Update: And I got my booster 💉 on November 12th!

Update: And I got my bivalent booster 💉 on October 10, 2022!

Update: And I got my Comirnaty 💉 on September 18, 2023!

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Hi Justin – congrats to your first shot ! I got mine on 14. April with AstraZeneca . Sadly i have to wait for the second till 7th july. I miss traveling and meeting friends. We are still in a heavy lockdwon here in our region. But everybody promiss us – summer will be fine – ok- a look forward to autumn. :-/

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